Friday, June 24, 2011

**~Sound the Alarm~!!!!**

Its Here~!!...It took a good chunk of my day to get it all set up, but My Shop Is Officially Opened~!!!


 You can Check it out by Clicking this link, or you can click on my shop button to the right~!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>
as soon as I figure out how to share my button you will be able to grab it as well~<3
I will be posting new items frequently, so check back often. 

On a Slightly separate note...I know I have been talking about Buttons lately, well here I go again..I am on the prowl for actual know the plastic ones with holes in the middle?...HA
I am actually looking for tons of them...any size any color, If anyone knows of a good place to buy large quantities of them would you let me know. I need a great variety for some projects I have coming up, so I am keeping my eyes peeled at Yard Sales as well...

 That is all for today..I must get back to my Crafting and Button searching~!
Have a great One~!!


  1. Another idea - if you come across any super-cheap clothes at garage sales (or thrift stores) - look to see if there's any button down shirts. If it's cheap enough, it's totally worth buying the whole shirt to get 8-10 buttons.

  2. Thats an would have to be pretty cheap, I am trying to spend next to nothing for them....I never realized how expensive buttons were until I started looking into it...its crazy...