Monday, May 23, 2011

~Lamp Light, and a Rocking Chair..old??? I think.... NOT~*

I have been called an "Old Soul" more times than I care to admit.
 I love Classic(sometimes older)  type sewing, crafting, baking,  afghans, throw blankets,  fake flowers, potpourri, cardigans, perms,   and making things myself instead of buying at the store. Most all of my favorite movies, were not even made in my lifetime...and same goes for music....
Because of this I have been called grandma, old fashioned, old soul.. etc....
and I just cant help it,
I love lamp light~ coffee a good book and some Sinatra: 

Well recently I went Garage sale-ing here in town and found a super classy wooden rocking I know this is not improving on my Grandma image but I couldn't care less...look how pretty~!
Just a little polish, and it was gleaming~* Love it*

So I am thinking we should embrace this "old soul style"
 Get out that potpourri, and yarn, Granny never looked so good~!

Feel free to share some of your Favorite "older" things, cant wait to hear from you~!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

~*~Where all the Magic Happens~!*

I have not had a minute to blog Lately,
but I thought I would share with you a rare Picture:
This is my Crafting area, where all the "magic" happens~
Scraping, Painting, Sewing, Drawing, bow Making, Beading, refinishing, refurbishing, hot gluing, cricut-ing, etc...
I have made journals, scrapbooks, frames, hairpieces, Photo Albums, t-shirts, baskets, jewelry, painted and drawn pictures of all kinds....yup here it is

Why is this picture Rare???..
...First of all, everything is put away.
everything has a place...
and I usually don't show off this area of my house,
 because it is always in disarray, so for the fun of it I decided to
clean it up, just to see if it could be done...and guess what..?...It can~!
This is my creative space, where I can make a mess, get away for some peace, and make something out of....nothing really...

So here is what I want to know...
Where is your "space"...what does it look like??
where do you go to get away,
take a break, or UN-wind??
Id love to hear about it~!
Have an amazing Night~ and soon I will blog about how I transferred this painting onto an 8ftX10ft Wall~

Love you all~Artsie*