Tuesday, February 22, 2011

*~I Need Pills~!*

Another Snow day...

OK...so right now I have 2 home businesses I need to work on today. I have a couple events coming up I need to follow up on. I have a pay pal, mess that needs to be fixed(I hate pay pal!!!) so that's a couple hours on the phone at least...plus I have to do laundry, my girls have no pants...
So on top of all this, today is a snow day, and I have the privilege of my kiddos all up in my biz all day long, with no reprieve.
So I need to find constructive things for them to do ASAP. or they will rot in front of the wii all day....
On Days like these I like to start my day with, my Bible, Prayer, Jesus time....and pills!!
I am a believer in the taking of supplements..where do u think I get all the energy? My American diet, leaves a lot to be desired in the nutrient area....
The ones that help with, mood, energy, metabolism, sharp thinking, and good hair...those are the best!

I have semi joked in the past about taking extra vitamins to get me though the day, but today is no joke...
I am stepping in with the big guns!

here we go 8 power supplements!..and this is just the AM pack...I get to have 8 more tonight!! Its a good thing they are fast absorbing~:)
*~Happy Snowday Again Everyone~!~*

Saturday, February 19, 2011

*~Going to the Ball~*With Daddy~!*

~February 18, 2011
Getting ready For this Evenings Dance~

Item #1. Manicure....Be sure to Choose a color that compliments your Gown~*
The Girls both chose different shades of red, Gwennie went
with Magenta Burst, and Sophia with Ruby Pumps!
Item #2~Pin Up your Hair~Be Sure to add some finishing Sparkle~!
 Gweneth is Modeling a Classic "Snookie Poof" and Bubble Flip

Sophia went with the classic Up do...and here is a Short how to:
#1 Part the hair in four sections.
hair tie the bottom 2, clip the front.

#3 Smooth back the small front section
and attach it to the bottom pony tail.

#2 twist and "poof" the second section.
Secure with bobby pins, in
an X

#4 Twist, Curl, and pin down the rest of that hair
Be sure to frequently look at the front view
so that all curls are even on the top. Also make sure
all ends are tucked in and most pins are hidden~

Wha~laa!! A Professional Up~do!

Item #3~Make up  Go Subtle and Classy~!
These Mary Kay Beauty looks include~Lavender fog Shadow, Desert Bloom Bronzing Powder, and Pink Diamonds lip Gloss and Bella Belara Perfume~!

Item #3 The Gowns Make the Girl~!
Sophia chose a Red sequined
Gown with black high heal boots

Gweneth Chose a classic white
gown with detailed beading.

Item #4~Time to meet the Prince~! ....and Dance the night away~!

Daughters are like flowers, they fill the world with beauty, and sometimes attract pests. ~Author Unknown

~*Go Love on your Daughters!!! They will learn to love the way you do~!*

Monday, February 14, 2011

**Last minute Valentines Ideas for the Hubby!!**

OK, Husbands. Valentines Day is not over yet!
You still have time to make this right!
Have you told your wife Happy Valentines Day? Give her a Kiss? Told her how much you lover her, or how beautiful she is today?
If the answer is no, you are in the dog house weather you know it or not...its OK , I can help you. Even if you think V Day is a dumb lame waste of time, it is a HUGE deal to the ladies, and your wife is no exception!
OK here are some ideas that will not cost you little to no money, don't take much time, and your Lady will love it!!

~Sing to her, any song will do, try to stay on key
~Cut out a heart shape and jot down a few things that you love about her, try to be neat.
~Give her flowers...its sad I have to mention this...
~Make her dinner, and clean up the mess..
~Find a sitter and get out of that house, esp, if she is a stay at home mom!
~Write her a poem and read it out load to her, doesn't have to be perfect, she just wants to see the effort
~Get her cute undies
~Tell her "I Love You" and give her a prolonged non sexual hug
~Clean the house, and or do the dishes...this is by far the most sexy....
~Make coupons for massages, date nights, or....other...;)
~have a good positive attitude about the whole day, none of this will work if you are rolling your eyes the whole time...
~Write her a Love Letter.....make sure she feels loved, valued, and beautiful:)

Hope this helps someone out there~ Have a Wonderful Valentines Day~!

You Can Do It!!!!

P.S. Flowers are on Sale at Walmart~!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love is in the air~*

This is one of my Favorite times of the Year~...~*Valentines Day~*

My house is all hearts and candles, and lights~I Love it<3

 I was Married on this day, and every year we try and do something really special  during the week of valentines~<3
Between the two of us I am defiantly the more...romantic one.

In the past I have, Planned getaways, made scrapbooks filled with coupons, and gift certificates, cooked romantic dinners etc... A couple years ago, I created a "board game" from scratch, with questions, challenge cards, video clips, a night away, Pictures, activities, and so on...It was called :The Anniversary Game! and we have all of it on Video...OK...not ALL of it ;)
 Well this year I am relinquishing control, and letting Clayton plan the weekend. I have no idea what we will be doing, but I am sure it will be great!

 I wish I had a Wedding picture of the 2 of us to put on here, because we looked really young, cute, and skinny, and it would have been great for a laugh:)
However, we were very young and broke at the time and did not splurge on the professional photographer, Boo! If you are not yet Married ...heed these words!! SPLURGE ON THE PHOTOS!
OK that is all I will say....

In closing, here are a few ways you can crank up the romance, and  bask in the holiday of LOVE~

#1. Decorate your house...you don't have to spend much money or any at all...most of my stuff is, left over red Christmas items and lights, paper crafts, candles, and whatever I don't have I live without, or buy at the dollar store:)
#2. Have a date night...even if all you do is have a teenager come over and watch your kids in the playroom , while you enjoy a meal, and a movie at home. You need to make this priority! You dated before you got married, Its a lot more fun after you are married!
#3.Don't use your Bedroom as a junk drawer...clear that clutter!...there is nothing romantic about, dirty clothes, left over mail, kids toys, cookie crumbs and fruit snacks on the carpet, or piles of stuff stuff everywhere. I am not an A student at this...we have kids and they are in and out of our room all day it seems, and with them comes the never ending trails of debris.... Clear it all out of there, light a few candles, and make the bed!
#4. Read together before you go to bed, or just talk. Sometimes its the only time you have to spend together that day. Be sure to connect by talking, reading, praying etc...before you sleep:)
#Sexting....I learned this at MOPS...I guess its like texting...but a little spicier...;)....you can fill in the blank here..........

Well I hope you all have a Fabulous Valentines Day~!
To my Valentine~*My Love~*Mi Amour~*

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

!~*Boredom Busters~*!

Well it seems Like I may be spending some extra time indoors with my kiddos, these next couple of days. No fear, I have a plan!
If you are like me, and don't want to listen to...Mario brothers, barbie movies, bickering siblings, and the ever present, "mom I'm hungry"...(translated...mom I'm bored)...Then its time to get creative!
Here are 5 great ways to break up the ever so long day, when you are trapped in a snowball:)

#1) Snowflakes!...yes I know, very obvious, but I am not talking about white ones you cut out of the computer paper. I am referring to "Extreme Snowflake Making"...hahaha...such a nerd I am I know...OK here you go: Start with colored paper, tin foil, left over scrapbook paper, wax paper, pretty much any paper you can cut through. Then you (the adult) cut them into various size circles, and let your kids use the crazy scissors,(that is what we call decorative scissors we use for scraping) or just safety scissors if they are really young,  to cut out the little shapes. Then you can stick them to the window, onto a big poster board, hang them individually by strings from the ceiling, string them into a garland, or tack them to your cork board..(or refrigerator if you are one of those..)
I know what you are thinking "what a mess!"
 But here is a tip~**After they are all done, use some masking tape, or painters tape, and wrap it around their little hands with the sticky side out, and let them crawl all over the floor picking up the little scraps with their sticky, they love it, and its less bending down for you! Just sweep up the rest.
This is what my bedroom looked like for a while as a teenager!...ahh...good times....

#2)Make a doodle. Again, lets take this to the extreme! I want my kids occupied for a good while. I use a large piece of card stock and since they are still young I do the lines for them, then give them the markers, colored pencils, crayons, whatever, to fill in all the spaces. Rules! No blank spaces can be left, and no boring solid color only...use patterns, lines, small pics,etc...to create a real one a kind piece! Here is an example of one we did recently....

If you are not the doodling type, try doing a silly painting with your kids or by yourself! Here is the rule, No paint brushes allowed! We have painted with toothbrushes, sponges, fingers, paperclips, ribbon, forks, straws, window scrapers, potatoes...I think tomorrow I will paint something with a shoe....I love the challenge:) here Is a painting I did with just a fork, knife and spoon...

#3) Time to get organized! Don't let all this time in doors be put to waste, Start weeding out the kids clothes  and shoes that are to small, or toys they don't play with, and put them into bags, or totes, and label them for the next garage sale or mom2 mom sale:)This is a huge time saver when you are getting ready for a sale. I even price all the clothes I plan to sell, right when I put them in the sale tote:) Anything you are not planning to sell goes in a bag, that immediately gets placed in the trunk of your car and driven to the , goodwill, free store, salvation army or consignment place, at your earliest convenience!
I am so done looking at this!

#4)Put up the Tree! By this time you are really going to think I am crazy...Get out a Christmas tree...(this will only work if you do artificial, and have a few just sitting around your basement like I do..) I would use a small 3ft, or less...totally up to you. String some lights on that bad boy, and have the kids, MAKE decorations, ornaments, paper chains etc...to trim it with. Than take pictures of them with the finished product. Since Valentine's day is coming up we would decorate for that!

you can go big...
or Small....
Its always a fun time!!

#5) Snow Ice Cream!!!!!! So Easy.... Follow these instructions to create your own snow ice cream treat.
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1/2 cups sugar
  • CLEAN Snow
Go outside and get 4 - 5 cups of fresh, clean snow. Don't pack the snow! Bring it in the house and set it in the freezer until you need it. Mix together the milk, vanilla, and the sugar. Stir this mixture until the sugar is dissolved. Slowly add the snow to your mixture, stirring constantly, until it is as thick as ice cream! Eat up!
OK now I know that there is going to a percentage of people that will still feel unmotivated by the cold and want to stay in bed...alright this is for you....
#6) Have a pajama Party Day...Let your kids stay in their jammies. pick out movies, pop some corn, and cuddle with you lovies all day!!! My youngest Gwennie Loves PJ Day! She puts dress ups over the jammies and gets all fancy with it~
Have a great Snow day everyone!!!!