Monday, June 20, 2011

~*Easy Scrapping....Post #4~Embellishments that wont break the bank~*

I am not one to drop a load of money on pre-made embellishments. I do go to the store and look through them from time to time and admire how great they look. I have even purchased a few of them on super clearance YAY!...
Did you know that scrapbook embellishments and accents can cost upward of 2, 3, 4, 5, or even 6 bucks per sheet....and I am talking a small sheet.
Now I Scrapbook about a couple hundred pages, photos, canvases etc...per If I wanted store bought embellishments for each of those projects that would cost....hmm..lets see...200X 3-6 between 300 and 1200

Well I don't spend a fraction of that, I actually make almost all my own accents, and embellishments...
and you can too!
I use lots of ribbon, from the clearance bin, and wire, the kind for jewelry making.  Twist it, Ink it,  bow it, glue it, curl it, layer it, tie it, so much fun~!

you can use ribbon to tie your pages together~!
I also seem to use tons of buttons, all different shapes, sizes and colors. Glue, layer, paint, sand,  or sew them onto just about cheap and easy.

Now I cannot state this enough... Garage Sales!!!
I am telling you I find the most rare, fun things at sales. I bought a whole pack of these tiny clothes pins for 10 cents at a sale and I use them all the time....look at old jewelry when you go bargain hunting. Think about how you can break it up and use it in your crafts, I get a lot of pearls, old buttons, gems, old pins or broaches and use them in my crafting all the time, for dirt cheap. 

This is one of my favorites, I just used an old safety pin, tied a bunch of scrap ribbon on to it and glued it to the page:)
 Nothing is off limits,  let you imagination go wild when it comes to the little extras. It will make your pages truly unique~!

Happy Scrappy Evening~!

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