Monday, June 13, 2011

~*Easy Scrapping....Post #2~Sandpaper & Ink~*

Here is a fun way to make your pages POP~!

 You can buy sanding tools at a craft store or online, that are specifically designed for scrap booking.... truth be told...I do not own these tools..I go to the dollar store, and buy a pack of sandpaper, low grate, and cut it into small 2in or 3in squares. I sand everything and anything, photos, paper, chipboard embellishments, ribbon...etc...
it gives a really cool distressed, rustic look...super fun, and makes the page look unique~!
NOTE~ Make sure you get a very low grate sandpaper or you will shred your photos and albums, also make sure you are only sanding the edges~!.....I speak from experience...
ALSO~Rough nail files work great too for small projects~:)

Another Thing I love to use is Ink~!
.....You can ink after you sand or just whenever...I also ink almost make the elements of the page match really well and give a nice finished and polished look tho the page or album...I am not a Stamper...but I do buy up a bunch of ink pads when they are on sale so that I can edge, and ink~!~
I just pick up the ink pad and directly touch or edge what I am "inking"...then let it dry~!

Here is an album I edged in brown, after I sanded the edges....

Here are some "inked" embellishments:)

Well These are my tips for today, hope you can use them in your next project, remember, you don't have to spend a million bucks to look like a Million Bucks~! Have Fun~!

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