Wednesday, June 8, 2011

*~Crafty~!~Fun with the Kids~*

Well summer is here, and the kiddos are home all day:) What to do?? Craft of coarse!

Here is something  you can craft up with your kids any day.
Go to your local craft supply and pick up a few pieces of ceramic, they are usually between $1 and $4...I opt for the cheapest ones I can find:)
I will pick up a dozen or so at a time...(note:sometimes you can find really cheap wooden objects to, birdhouses, small boxes etc...these also work great!)...and just keep the extra for an impromptu craft or gift:)
I also have tons of acrylic paint, and brushes on hand, very cheap...

Cover your work area with news paper, or go outside and have the kiddos paint away~!

Tell them to add as much detail as they can, Like toenail polish on a turtle, or a bow on the owls head:)...set out a couple examples, and have them use as many colors as they want:)

When the paint is dry spray on a couple coats of glossy or matte acrylic sealer,
and you have a finished masterpiece~!!

They also make really great gifts for Grandparents, Mothers, or
Fathers Day, etc...

 How cute are these guys!!

Acrylic Paint can and will stain your clothes, so be sure they wear something out of the rag bag, or you can get washable tempera paint instead..its just not as permanent. Also the spray sealer, has to be done outside, the fumes are very strong, but it does seal the project really well:)
Be sure to have your kids sign there names and date the bottom for a keepsake or a gift, I love looking back at old projects my kids have done:)
This craft can and will get messy...don't fuss over it!!...let them create~!!....Its easy to spray your kids down with  a hose when you are finished:)
Happy Crafting~*

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  1. Gwennie's is the Frog on the Left...her name is Nannette, Sophia's Frog is the one on the right named Beebe, the turtle is Tallulah, and the Owls name is Olive:)...we like to name our projects:)