Thursday, January 19, 2012

**Bejewel your House~ A Thrifty DIY!!

OK, Peeps,
Ready for a cheap do it yourself-er?!...This Project cost me under $5......I had everything else in my house already...I bet many of you do too:)

Ignore my Christmas decorations in the dinning room...Focus on the Jeweled doorway~!!

Here is what you will need:

A blank piece of paper(I used just notebook paper), Black Sharpie, Pencil with eraser, Charcoal Pencil, Glass stones (your choice, I prefer a multi-color pack~Dollar store Hello!) and a Hot Glue Gun (does not need to be "Blinged"...but for me it helps:)
First you need to make your Template, Take your sheet of paper and draw out your design in pencil until it has reached perfection...*note the design needs to be somewhat simple, I just drew a simple swirl to demonstrate* after your design is perfect go over it with a black sharpie so you can see it on both sides of the paper:

Choose the side you want on the wall first, and go over the sharpie mark, with your charcoal pencil...try and load it up real careful not to rip the paper in all of your excitement though;)

Place the template on the wall (using tape helps) with the Charcoal side facing the wall, and using the butt end of the Charcoal pencil rub the design along the lines to make a guide on the wall.

Just continue on with your own pattern, mine is going around a doorway, so I flipped it around, and inverted it on the other side as well by just adding charcoal to both sides of the paper.
Now for the fun! Start hot gluing the individual glass stones onto the lines of your design, **Remember once the stones are in place they are permanent, you can remove them if you also want to remove the paint, and wall material:) place with care:) Also its convenient to have your stone in a bowl and within easy reach for this process. Depending on your project size, this process can take a while if you want perfection, so put on some tunes and relax~

I space mine about a finger width apart, for easy cleaning later, and it makes the stones go longer, but you can arrange and stick them however:)

When all the stones are up and in place, you can clean up the lines that are showing by using a warm soapy washcloth, came off the semi gloss paint like a breeze.

After all the clean up ~Voila~!!

Pretty stinking sweet for $5!

Here are a few pics of my office that I also "Bejeweled"
I did not use a template, This was a much larger scale project so I free handed all of it, so much fun!
Check it out!

Happy Creating~!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


My house seems to have endless walls...

This can be a blessing and a curse...
I am not one to under decorate anything, so I already have: the family picture, the cute shelves, frames, greenery, paintings, cute funny wall signs, more pictures of family, funky artsy pieces, sconces, collage frames, wreaths, yet again more pictures of family, cute hooks, garland...(you get my point)...
So what do you do with that odd chunk of wall?....Same old same old??....Um nope...I have a better idea.
Before you read on, what I am about to suggest to you is amazingly awesome yes..but extremely addicting and may induce uncharted levels of fun & creativity,  and can and will make your home look and feel freaking read on at your own risk:)
Recently I discovered CUSTOM wall vinyl...That's right. First you dream it up and then you smack it on your wall...check it out~!!
Kitchen accent

Living room Large scale!!

this would be cute in the hallway, or by the kids bedrooms:)

I love trees on the wall:)

cute sayings...
um...freaking awesomeness...
Customize this with YOUR child's name:)

Swirls~!!!(If you cant tell...I love tree branches, and swirls...I am actually in the process of choosing one right now for my living room:)
I have recently become mildly obsessed with this stuff, its a great, way to really personalize your space.
 Also, it's super duper easy to apply, and stays on your wall for up to  3 years with a clean removal~!
All you need is a good level, and a flat edge to rub/scrape with....(like a credit card, or plastic spatula:)
Then just level, peel, and rub rub rub....!!
Now the greatness of vinyl does not end at your walls...check out these other amazingly fun, and easy applications!
spruce up that stand mixer!!

add a festive decoration

lap top?...why not?

Um...I did mention freaking awesome right..?

glass panel:)

Customize your Mailbox

frame it why don't ya...

Glass Block!!

If you are anything like me,  by now you are drooling and wide eyed ~!
I know...I know...Its Amazing....
"But where in the world can I find such an item??"
....GREAT Question!...Glad you asked!
There are several Online "shops" you can check out, Ill post those at the end of this thread:)
However if you are local, there is a business right downtown you NEED to check out for this, and with price and shipping, looking for a local alternative is the way to go....It's going to save you close to half of what it would cost buying online:)....Ive checked!
Here is the Link to the local business that I personally go to~
Fabrications Down Town Three Rivers

and here are a few online options, but keep in mind they are a bit pricey...

Happy Sticking~!!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

~*Crockpot Applesause~!!

Crock pot...any size will do:)

Baking Apples...:)

The juice from 1 Lemon:)

any or all of these spices:)

Peel, core and cut tons of apples...enough to fill up your crock pot...
 I have big oval one so I make a 
I used Macintosh and Honey Gold
ton. Baking apples work best, and you can have a mix or variety of after you fill the pot you can add *optional lemon juice...I just use one lemon and give it a good squeeze!

Then turn your Crock to low or high depending on how fast you want it done...I like to cook mine on low for longer because it makes my house smell really tasty...So start heating, and then come back every couple hours or so and give the apples a good mashing...I have a kinda weird looking tool for this purpose but you can just use a spoon:) .If you cook on High be sure to mash every hour or so....

During the mashing process...I like to add cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, or just some good ol' apple pie spice. I do not have exact measurements on this...I just toss it in until it looks and smells really outstanding.....
When it gets to the consistency you want (we like ours a little lumpy:) take it off the heat and can it, eat it, play with it...whatever:) Its really good on Ice cream, or toast... I love it warm...Its a super healthy snack~!

 side note*You do NOT need to add sugar to your apples...apples are loaded with natural sugar:)....unless you want to make apple butter...then go ahead and add a cup or so, and cook a few hours extra until its a butter consistency:)  

BONUS~!!...Here is a super easy way to can this stuff....put the sauce into clean canning jars while its still hot, fill to the sure to wipe off any sause that may have gotten on the rim. Set the jars UPSIDE DOWN on the counter till they cool and they will seal themselves:)

Have fun with your crock-pot today~!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

~Long Time no Blog~!!

Wow..It took me all summer and then some to finally update my Blog, and here I sit having no Idea what to write or where to start. My summer was crazy busy, but crazy fun as well. So much to share.... I was thinking of several different topics, Local Theater (where I spent most of my time this summer), Weight loss (which I also did this summer), painting, cheap vacationing, dying my hair purple, debating on a tattoo......all these things came to mind as possible topics. But after such a crazy summer...I just want to relax another Ill just share a snippet of what I did last week.
I found this old window frame years ago in a trash pile and finally got around to painting it last week. Roughed it up a little, added some pics, and raffia...(btw, you can never have too much raffia!) and now its part of my entry way and I am loving it:)

I hope you all have a great summer
 and I promise to get my act together and start planning my blog posts for this there any topic you would like to hear about specifically??

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

~Celebrate Covenant~!**

Today's Post is Dedicated to My Awesome Parents~!
Peter and Jan Matthew
Today is there 31st Wedding Anniversary!!!
And here they are 31 years, 5 kids, and 5 grand kids later~*
They are an awesome example to us all~!!
*~Happy Anniversary~*

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy,
it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others,
it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered,
it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.It always protects,
always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
1st Cor 13:1-7

Friday, June 24, 2011

**~Sound the Alarm~!!!!**

Its Here~!!...It took a good chunk of my day to get it all set up, but My Shop Is Officially Opened~!!!


 You can Check it out by Clicking this link, or you can click on my shop button to the right~!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>
as soon as I figure out how to share my button you will be able to grab it as well~<3
I will be posting new items frequently, so check back often. 

On a Slightly separate note...I know I have been talking about Buttons lately, well here I go again..I am on the prowl for actual know the plastic ones with holes in the middle?...HA
I am actually looking for tons of them...any size any color, If anyone knows of a good place to buy large quantities of them would you let me know. I need a great variety for some projects I have coming up, so I am keeping my eyes peeled at Yard Sales as well...

 That is all for today..I must get back to my Crafting and Button searching~!
Have a great One~!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

~*The Shop is Almost Here~!!!...and Buttons....~*

Just wanted to pop in and let you all know that I have been working on opening my ETSY Shop this week...hopefully I will have a few items posted on there by the end of today.
I am just crafting up a storm of new items.
 I will also be posting some older paintings, Ive done as well. I am also trying out some new ideas with buttons....we will see how this goes...I love buttons so I cant really go wrong right??...Ha we will see~!...
On a different note if anyone can share with me how to create a button for my blog or my shop, that would be sooooooooo awesome~!!!
Have a great day, and craft up something!!