Wednesday, September 28, 2011

~*Crockpot Applesause~!!

Crock pot...any size will do:)

Baking Apples...:)

The juice from 1 Lemon:)

any or all of these spices:)

Peel, core and cut tons of apples...enough to fill up your crock pot...
 I have big oval one so I make a 
I used Macintosh and Honey Gold
ton. Baking apples work best, and you can have a mix or variety of after you fill the pot you can add *optional lemon juice...I just use one lemon and give it a good squeeze!

Then turn your Crock to low or high depending on how fast you want it done...I like to cook mine on low for longer because it makes my house smell really tasty...So start heating, and then come back every couple hours or so and give the apples a good mashing...I have a kinda weird looking tool for this purpose but you can just use a spoon:) .If you cook on High be sure to mash every hour or so....

During the mashing process...I like to add cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, or just some good ol' apple pie spice. I do not have exact measurements on this...I just toss it in until it looks and smells really outstanding.....
When it gets to the consistency you want (we like ours a little lumpy:) take it off the heat and can it, eat it, play with it...whatever:) Its really good on Ice cream, or toast... I love it warm...Its a super healthy snack~!

 side note*You do NOT need to add sugar to your apples...apples are loaded with natural sugar:)....unless you want to make apple butter...then go ahead and add a cup or so, and cook a few hours extra until its a butter consistency:)  

BONUS~!!...Here is a super easy way to can this stuff....put the sauce into clean canning jars while its still hot, fill to the sure to wipe off any sause that may have gotten on the rim. Set the jars UPSIDE DOWN on the counter till they cool and they will seal themselves:)

Have fun with your crock-pot today~!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

~Long Time no Blog~!!

Wow..It took me all summer and then some to finally update my Blog, and here I sit having no Idea what to write or where to start. My summer was crazy busy, but crazy fun as well. So much to share.... I was thinking of several different topics, Local Theater (where I spent most of my time this summer), Weight loss (which I also did this summer), painting, cheap vacationing, dying my hair purple, debating on a tattoo......all these things came to mind as possible topics. But after such a crazy summer...I just want to relax another Ill just share a snippet of what I did last week.
I found this old window frame years ago in a trash pile and finally got around to painting it last week. Roughed it up a little, added some pics, and raffia...(btw, you can never have too much raffia!) and now its part of my entry way and I am loving it:)

I hope you all have a great summer
 and I promise to get my act together and start planning my blog posts for this there any topic you would like to hear about specifically??