Friday, June 24, 2011

**~Sound the Alarm~!!!!**

Its Here~!!...It took a good chunk of my day to get it all set up, but My Shop Is Officially Opened~!!!


 You can Check it out by Clicking this link, or you can click on my shop button to the right~!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>
as soon as I figure out how to share my button you will be able to grab it as well~<3
I will be posting new items frequently, so check back often. 

On a Slightly separate note...I know I have been talking about Buttons lately, well here I go again..I am on the prowl for actual know the plastic ones with holes in the middle?...HA
I am actually looking for tons of them...any size any color, If anyone knows of a good place to buy large quantities of them would you let me know. I need a great variety for some projects I have coming up, so I am keeping my eyes peeled at Yard Sales as well...

 That is all for today..I must get back to my Crafting and Button searching~!
Have a great One~!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

~*The Shop is Almost Here~!!!...and Buttons....~*

Just wanted to pop in and let you all know that I have been working on opening my ETSY Shop this week...hopefully I will have a few items posted on there by the end of today.
I am just crafting up a storm of new items.
 I will also be posting some older paintings, Ive done as well. I am also trying out some new ideas with buttons....we will see how this goes...I love buttons so I cant really go wrong right??...Ha we will see~!...
On a different note if anyone can share with me how to create a button for my blog or my shop, that would be sooooooooo awesome~!!!
Have a great day, and craft up something!! 

Monday, June 20, 2011

~*Easy Scrapping....Post #4~Embellishments that wont break the bank~*

I am not one to drop a load of money on pre-made embellishments. I do go to the store and look through them from time to time and admire how great they look. I have even purchased a few of them on super clearance YAY!...
Did you know that scrapbook embellishments and accents can cost upward of 2, 3, 4, 5, or even 6 bucks per sheet....and I am talking a small sheet.
Now I Scrapbook about a couple hundred pages, photos, canvases etc...per If I wanted store bought embellishments for each of those projects that would cost....hmm..lets see...200X 3-6 between 300 and 1200

Well I don't spend a fraction of that, I actually make almost all my own accents, and embellishments...
and you can too!
I use lots of ribbon, from the clearance bin, and wire, the kind for jewelry making.  Twist it, Ink it,  bow it, glue it, curl it, layer it, tie it, so much fun~!

you can use ribbon to tie your pages together~!
I also seem to use tons of buttons, all different shapes, sizes and colors. Glue, layer, paint, sand,  or sew them onto just about cheap and easy.

Now I cannot state this enough... Garage Sales!!!
I am telling you I find the most rare, fun things at sales. I bought a whole pack of these tiny clothes pins for 10 cents at a sale and I use them all the time....look at old jewelry when you go bargain hunting. Think about how you can break it up and use it in your crafts, I get a lot of pearls, old buttons, gems, old pins or broaches and use them in my crafting all the time, for dirt cheap. 

This is one of my favorites, I just used an old safety pin, tied a bunch of scrap ribbon on to it and glued it to the page:)
 Nothing is off limits,  let you imagination go wild when it comes to the little extras. It will make your pages truly unique~!

Happy Scrappy Evening~!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

~*Easy Scrapping....Post #3~Layers & Dimension~*

WOW~ That's eye catching~!
I just love "Lumpy" pages don't you??
The trick is to stack stack stack...layer layer layer...
I also use a pop up dot every once in a while, they are fairly in expensive and can be found even at the local Walmart~
Pop up Dots~!

I "pop" just about anything I want to, Photos,
Mats, embellishments,  title bars, journal boxes,
 Chip boards, etc...

It really brings a whole new dimension to the page, looks super fun, and is sooo easy to do. Just try it...I think you will Love it as I do~!
Popped up the edges~!


As For adding layers, I do this all the time. To get rid of the "same old look" on every page, layer up your embellishments and accent pieces,
Stack it up~!
  then Double or triple matte your Photos, and journal may sound a bit much...but some times more is MORE~!!!

 Let me know how your crafting is going, Id love to hear any new Ideas you may have~:)
 Have Fun~! Happy Scrapping~!

Monday, June 13, 2011

~*Easy Scrapping....Post #2~Sandpaper & Ink~*

Here is a fun way to make your pages POP~!

 You can buy sanding tools at a craft store or online, that are specifically designed for scrap booking.... truth be told...I do not own these tools..I go to the dollar store, and buy a pack of sandpaper, low grate, and cut it into small 2in or 3in squares. I sand everything and anything, photos, paper, chipboard embellishments, ribbon...etc...
it gives a really cool distressed, rustic look...super fun, and makes the page look unique~!
NOTE~ Make sure you get a very low grate sandpaper or you will shred your photos and albums, also make sure you are only sanding the edges~!.....I speak from experience...
ALSO~Rough nail files work great too for small projects~:)

Another Thing I love to use is Ink~!
.....You can ink after you sand or just whenever...I also ink almost make the elements of the page match really well and give a nice finished and polished look tho the page or album...I am not a Stamper...but I do buy up a bunch of ink pads when they are on sale so that I can edge, and ink~!~
I just pick up the ink pad and directly touch or edge what I am "inking"...then let it dry~!

Here is an album I edged in brown, after I sanded the edges....

Here are some "inked" embellishments:)

Well These are my tips for today, hope you can use them in your next project, remember, you don't have to spend a million bucks to look like a Million Bucks~! Have Fun~!

Friday, June 10, 2011

~*Easy Scrapping....Post #1~ Showcase Photos~*

If you have ever been down the scrapbook aisle of a craft store, you have undoubtedly felt intimidated. With all the gadgets and machinery that is out there for paper crafting it is overwhelming to say the least.

I feel this way, and I am a pretty hardcore scrapper;)
So I am going to dedicate my next few postings to scrap booking, and paper crafting~and how to make it easy one yourself!!Hooray~!
I may have some insight to help you, I have scraped probably close to 500 pages, and thousands of pictures, not to mention the ones I have done for other people....
I am going to simplify, share some tips and tricks, and prove to you that you do NOT need to invest and arm and a leg to preserve your precious memories, in fact you probably own everything you need to get started right away~:)

First things First!
Its all about the Photos you choose...
You do not need( or want )to scrapbook every photo you have ever taken.  Pick the top 2 or 3 per page if you are doing a 12X12, and less if your album is smaller....its better to have only 1 great pic on the page than 5 OK pics...
**Also~Start Where you are, don't try to back track the last 10 years. You will just overwhelm yourself and give up before you've begun....

Alright Lets Play a game...."Is this Picture Scrapbook Worthy???" Look through and see if you can guess what pictures are worthy!






I have learned to stop printing out every picture I take as well.  If I print out 200 pics...I would say that only 20 or 30 are actually "scrapbook worthy" The rest can go in a box or Photo album I love them all but If I want the best looking page I have to pick the best of the best Pictures~!

***Game Results: A) Worthy! B) Worthy! C) Not, bad background D) Not, low quality E) Worthy! F) Worthy! G) Not, too dark

I am one of those freaks who actually envisions a scrapbook page as I take my pictures. I know...its crazy, but it works for me.
I have 2 kids, so lets say we go to the zoo, I make sure I take equal amount of photos per child both horizontally and vertically as well a few of them together...this makes it SO much easier when I go to scrap them. My pages balance out really well that way. 

Pay attention when you are snapping pictures, be sure you are in focus, centered, good lighting etc...

Your pages can go from wow to WOW!...just by weeding out and showing off the BEST ones!!
Until Next time~ Happy Scrapping~!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

*~Crafty~!~Fun with the Kids~*

Well summer is here, and the kiddos are home all day:) What to do?? Craft of coarse!

Here is something  you can craft up with your kids any day.
Go to your local craft supply and pick up a few pieces of ceramic, they are usually between $1 and $4...I opt for the cheapest ones I can find:)
I will pick up a dozen or so at a time...(note:sometimes you can find really cheap wooden objects to, birdhouses, small boxes etc...these also work great!)...and just keep the extra for an impromptu craft or gift:)
I also have tons of acrylic paint, and brushes on hand, very cheap...

Cover your work area with news paper, or go outside and have the kiddos paint away~!

Tell them to add as much detail as they can, Like toenail polish on a turtle, or a bow on the owls head:)...set out a couple examples, and have them use as many colors as they want:)

When the paint is dry spray on a couple coats of glossy or matte acrylic sealer,
and you have a finished masterpiece~!!

They also make really great gifts for Grandparents, Mothers, or
Fathers Day, etc...

 How cute are these guys!!

Acrylic Paint can and will stain your clothes, so be sure they wear something out of the rag bag, or you can get washable tempera paint instead..its just not as permanent. Also the spray sealer, has to be done outside, the fumes are very strong, but it does seal the project really well:)
Be sure to have your kids sign there names and date the bottom for a keepsake or a gift, I love looking back at old projects my kids have done:)
This craft can and will get messy...don't fuss over it!!...let them create~!!....Its easy to spray your kids down with  a hose when you are finished:)
Happy Crafting~*