Wednesday, September 14, 2011

~Long Time no Blog~!!

Wow..It took me all summer and then some to finally update my Blog, and here I sit having no Idea what to write or where to start. My summer was crazy busy, but crazy fun as well. So much to share.... I was thinking of several different topics, Local Theater (where I spent most of my time this summer), Weight loss (which I also did this summer), painting, cheap vacationing, dying my hair purple, debating on a tattoo......all these things came to mind as possible topics. But after such a crazy summer...I just want to relax another Ill just share a snippet of what I did last week.
I found this old window frame years ago in a trash pile and finally got around to painting it last week. Roughed it up a little, added some pics, and raffia...(btw, you can never have too much raffia!) and now its part of my entry way and I am loving it:)

I hope you all have a great summer
 and I promise to get my act together and start planning my blog posts for this there any topic you would like to hear about specifically??

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