Thursday, January 19, 2012

**Bejewel your House~ A Thrifty DIY!!

OK, Peeps,
Ready for a cheap do it yourself-er?!...This Project cost me under $5......I had everything else in my house already...I bet many of you do too:)

Ignore my Christmas decorations in the dinning room...Focus on the Jeweled doorway~!!

Here is what you will need:

A blank piece of paper(I used just notebook paper), Black Sharpie, Pencil with eraser, Charcoal Pencil, Glass stones (your choice, I prefer a multi-color pack~Dollar store Hello!) and a Hot Glue Gun (does not need to be "Blinged"...but for me it helps:)
First you need to make your Template, Take your sheet of paper and draw out your design in pencil until it has reached perfection...*note the design needs to be somewhat simple, I just drew a simple swirl to demonstrate* after your design is perfect go over it with a black sharpie so you can see it on both sides of the paper:

Choose the side you want on the wall first, and go over the sharpie mark, with your charcoal pencil...try and load it up real careful not to rip the paper in all of your excitement though;)

Place the template on the wall (using tape helps) with the Charcoal side facing the wall, and using the butt end of the Charcoal pencil rub the design along the lines to make a guide on the wall.

Just continue on with your own pattern, mine is going around a doorway, so I flipped it around, and inverted it on the other side as well by just adding charcoal to both sides of the paper.
Now for the fun! Start hot gluing the individual glass stones onto the lines of your design, **Remember once the stones are in place they are permanent, you can remove them if you also want to remove the paint, and wall material:) place with care:) Also its convenient to have your stone in a bowl and within easy reach for this process. Depending on your project size, this process can take a while if you want perfection, so put on some tunes and relax~

I space mine about a finger width apart, for easy cleaning later, and it makes the stones go longer, but you can arrange and stick them however:)

When all the stones are up and in place, you can clean up the lines that are showing by using a warm soapy washcloth, came off the semi gloss paint like a breeze.

After all the clean up ~Voila~!!

Pretty stinking sweet for $5!

Here are a few pics of my office that I also "Bejeweled"
I did not use a template, This was a much larger scale project so I free handed all of it, so much fun!
Check it out!

Happy Creating~!

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  1. I love, LOVE this!
    How fun to decorate your home with sparkly stones. :)