Tuesday, January 10, 2012


My house seems to have endless walls...

This can be a blessing and a curse...
I am not one to under decorate anything, so I already have: the family picture, the cute shelves, frames, greenery, paintings, cute funny wall signs, more pictures of family, funky artsy pieces, sconces, collage frames, wreaths, yet again more pictures of family, cute hooks, garland...(you get my point)...
So what do you do with that odd chunk of wall?....Same old same old??....Um nope...I have a better idea.
Before you read on, what I am about to suggest to you is amazingly awesome yes..but extremely addicting and may induce uncharted levels of fun & creativity,  and can and will make your home look and feel freaking awesome....so read on at your own risk:)
Recently I discovered CUSTOM wall vinyl...That's right. First you dream it up and then you smack it on your wall...check it out~!!
Kitchen accent

Living room Large scale!!

this would be cute in the hallway, or by the kids bedrooms:)

I love trees on the wall:)

cute sayings...
um...freaking awesomeness...
Customize this with YOUR child's name:)

Swirls~!!!(If you cant tell...I love tree branches, and swirls...I am actually in the process of choosing one right now for my living room:)
I have recently become mildly obsessed with this stuff, its a great, way to really personalize your space.
 Also, it's super duper easy to apply, and stays on your wall for up to  3 years with a clean removal~!
All you need is a good level, and a flat edge to rub/scrape with....(like a credit card, or plastic spatula:)
Then just level, peel, and rub rub rub....!!
Now the greatness of vinyl does not end at your walls...check out these other amazingly fun, and easy applications!
spruce up that stand mixer!!

add a festive decoration

lap top?...why not?

Um...I did mention freaking awesome right..?

glass panel:)

Customize your Mailbox

frame it why don't ya...

Glass Block!!

If you are anything like me,  by now you are drooling and wide eyed ~!
I know...I know...Its Amazing....
"But where in the world can I find such an item??"
....GREAT Question!...Glad you asked!
There are several Online "shops" you can check out, Ill post those at the end of this thread:)
However if you are local, there is a business right downtown you NEED to check out for this, and with price and shipping, looking for a local alternative is the way to go....It's going to save you close to half of what it would cost buying online:)....Ive checked!
Here is the Link to the local business that I personally go to~
Fabrications Down Town Three Rivers

and here are a few online options, but keep in mind they are a bit pricey...
Wall Written.com
vinyl attraction.com
Great Impression.com

Happy Sticking~!!!!

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