Thursday, April 21, 2011

~I have a BIG Personality~*~I need BIG Hair...~*!

WOW, long time no Blog~!
I have been running crazy lately, but I thought I would stop in and share a little nugget~!

Here is something you should know about me~
No Joke...LOVE IT! I have Big Hair envy...I see it in the stores,in the schools,
Driving down the road, and I just cant look away...its becoming quite a problem...

Now I missed all the big hair of the 80s ...I was born in the early 80s, so by the time I was in High School, this is what every girls hair looked like....................>
That's right...long, straight, and parted
down the middle...yuck! and no thank you.....
Its such a shame because I just know I can ROCK big hair!!

I do have a slight hair is straight, there is not one kink, curl, colic, body, or wave to my natural hair...not one....
I have tried in the past to pump up my locks.. I have used root lifter, volumizer, curling iron, etc...
and that works for a while, but so much maintenance....
so in just 2 short months, to reward myself for reaching my diet goal this spring, I will be going into the salon and getting the highly coveted perm!!
YAY~!....Now lets hope it turns out the right way....

When I say I want big hair...I do not mean this:

Limp curls that just lay around your face all lazy like...gross*

I mean this! Big Fat, Fun curls, that look like they are dancing around your face!!...the bigger the better~!

I want to be a little closer to heaven after my perm if you know what I mean~:)

I hope you are all having a fabulous Spring~until next time, Good Night , and Big Hair....**

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