Wednesday, March 23, 2011

~*Easy Reading*~ aka* "I did it all for the nookie"

This may come as a shock to some, but I love to read! After all,  you are what you read....So for my birthday coming up, Clayton is buying me an e-reader:)
So I did some research, I played with a few different ones , and this is what I chose~!

The Nook Color~!...I Know, small wonder....

Here is why~
I had to look at what kind of things I actually read a lot of...Self help books, Inspirational, Crafting books, Instructional books of all kinds ....
 Art, Decorating, Painting, Fashion,Leadership also I read a ton of Magazines, Cook books,Bible studys, Novels, and Children's books(to my kids).
So for me the Nook Color is ideal.
First of all it is in color!..."Hello" As I have said before..I live in color!
So if I am reading about a painting tecnique or a recipe, I can actually see what they are supossed to look like and some of them even have a short video on "how to" right after the chapter..."awesome~!"
The childrens books on here are really neat, they have a "read to me" option for the kids to use if they want to read along:)
I can transfer all my magazine subscripions to the nook, and read them in full color, zooming in and out of pictures and articles~
The nook is through Barnes and Nobel, which I LOVE!....I need that in store experiance, I need to be walked through everything when it comes to new gadgets, so the personal touch was a HUGE plus for be.
You can check out e books from the library for free anytime if you have a nook, the kindle..(which is the other one I considered) does not have that option.
Do you need another Plus??
The Nook has full interenet, and built in Wifi~!...This is good for me because I do not have an internet phone or a laptop...its sort of a mix between an E reader and an I pad...
Barnes and Nobel, gives you a free book to download every friday.
You can download over 1 million books for free, including a bunch of classics...( Pride and Predudice, Sherlock Holmes...etc..)
You can also share books with your friends who also have a nook:)
If you happen to be in the store with it, B&N will let you read any book they have in the store for free on the Nook, and you get coupons for the coffee shop sent streight to to~!


There are about 5000 other things I love about this machine, but unfortunatly I do not have the time to divuldge....
I need to get back to my reading:)

In short...I love this little guy, and I will not have to have a pile of books on my bed side table falling all over the place...just one little one...My Nook~!

**Reading is Knowledge, and Knowledge is Power~!
Happy Reading Everyone~


  1. Good choice for you! I do disagree on one little thing though: I love having a pile of books on my bedside (and every where else in our apartment too)! These types of gadgets are great for most people, but I love the look, feel, and even smell of books ... to me it's a full experience. I will never trade my piles of books for a Nook or Kindle. But happy reading to you! A true testament to the fact that EVERYONE can find something they enjoy reading :O)

  2. There are a few books that I will not download, just because of that reason:)...Like my Bible!...I need to actually have that in book form, also the little house books, The Christmas Carol..and a few others....I need to hold those books~:)