Wednesday, May 18, 2011

~*~Where all the Magic Happens~!*

I have not had a minute to blog Lately,
but I thought I would share with you a rare Picture:
This is my Crafting area, where all the "magic" happens~
Scraping, Painting, Sewing, Drawing, bow Making, Beading, refinishing, refurbishing, hot gluing, cricut-ing, etc...
I have made journals, scrapbooks, frames, hairpieces, Photo Albums, t-shirts, baskets, jewelry, painted and drawn pictures of all kinds....yup here it is

Why is this picture Rare???..
...First of all, everything is put away.
everything has a place...
and I usually don't show off this area of my house,
 because it is always in disarray, so for the fun of it I decided to
clean it up, just to see if it could be done...and guess what..?...It can~!
This is my creative space, where I can make a mess, get away for some peace, and make something out of....nothing really...

So here is what I want to know...
Where is your "space"...what does it look like??
where do you go to get away,
take a break, or UN-wind??
Id love to hear about it~!
Have an amazing Night~ and soon I will blog about how I transferred this painting onto an 8ftX10ft Wall~

Love you all~Artsie*


  1. Since I live in small apartment and all my craftiness is stuffed into drawers, unto book shelves (and wherever else I can fit it) - I don't really have a place to escape to or that's just mine. My husband works nights though - and usually leaves around 5. So after he's gone, I crank the oldies music, make myself a drink, and take over the dining table :O)

    On another note - I was struck with - what I think is - a brilliant idea. I want to start a new blog about doing fabulous weddings on a budget. What do you think? Should I do it?

  2. haha...yes, that's a good idea, I was thinking of posting a few things on here about that as well...let me know if you need any suggestions:)

  3. oh I will definitely be asking you for some :O)

  4. Popping in from FB! What a lovely blog. You have a nicely organized craft space! I haven't done a lot of scrapbooking, but love the look of the finished product! I look forward to seeing your etsy!