Wednesday, March 9, 2011

~How do you eat an Elephant?~*One Bite at a Time~!* Spring Cleaning List 2011~!

OK..I have been asked to share this, so I hope it helps someone. Every year I make an extensive list of everything I need to have done before the end of spring.
I have recently switched to all natural cleaners, and I love them! No more fumes! So this year is going to be even better!
I know it may look  intimidating to some, but have no fear. I only do 1 or 2 points on this list everyday, and will have the whole thing completed in less than 2, maybe 3 months. Just take your time, go slow, and enjoy the ride~!

Spring Cleaning 2011

Wash all windows
wipe down all window sills
wash the front and back doors

Mop floors
Clean out medicine cabinet and throw away expired
Clean out and organize closets and throw away old items and non useful towels
Scour tubs and showers
Soak the shower heads
Mirrors should shine
Toilets, inside and out
Wash rugs and curtains
sinks and faucets should shine!

~Master Bedroom
Closet~Take out off season clothes and store them
           ~Get rid of any clothes that do not flatter, no not fit right, or that you do not love.
          ~Clean out and organize all Jewelry
           ~Clean out Make up drawers, discard any old or expired items
Wash all bedding
Vacuum mattress
Clean out and wipe down all furniture and mirrors
Rearrange art work (to make it more eye catching and fresh)

Clean tile
Sort closet, and store all winter items elsewhere
Wash front door
Wipe down walls
Change out the pictures
Sort the shoes

~Dinning Room
Clean the window treatments
Clean the carpet
Wash down the table and chairs
Wipe down walls
Clean the chandelier until it shines

Clean carpet
Wash bar stools
Wipe down walls

~Living and Family Room
Vacuum all furniture
Clean carpet
Clean out and wipe down desk and all baskets
Clean out, wipe down, and organize entertainment center
Wash all throw blankets and pillows
Wipe down all coffee tables
Dust...don't forget the ceiling fan!
Vacuum under all furniture

Clean out cupboards, throw or give away items that you don't use, dishes, pans, cooking utensil's etc.. get it out of there!
Wipe down cupboards, inside and out, top and bottom.
Clean and redecorate tops of cupboards
Clean out the Fridge, wipe down the front and vacuum the vent underneath.
Clean the stove and all small appliances thoroughly.
Counters and all tile
The sink should shine!

~Kids rooms
Clean all bedding
Vacuum mattresses
Sort through, and purge, Clothes, toys, and books
Wipe down furniture

Organize food by expiration date
Give away a bunch of it
Wipe down the shelves

~Basement, Playroom, Workout room, Craft, and Art area, Storage area
De-clutter, organize, and sell a bunch of stuff:)

~do your windows with a natural cleaner, or maybe just vinegar, and lemons. wipe them down with old newspaper for streak free shine!
~Put a bowl of lemon juice or some vinegar in the microwave for 5 min, to loosen the grime, them just wipe it out~!
~run a half box of baking soda through your dishwasher to freshen it, stick a few lemons cut in half in there too, for a great fresh smell:)
~run vinegar through the coffee pot to remove stains.
~don't do to many projects at once, finish one before you start a new one, or you will get overwhelmed and quit.

ahhh...I feel better just talking about it! back to work:)
Happy Cleaning

PS I would love to hear from you! Any tips tricks or money saving ways to make your house clean and shiny? Please share!



  1. Hey, when are you having a garage sell this spring to sell all that stuff you're cleaning out? We have a small apartment with a TON of stuff that we don't need and it HAS to get out of here. I'd love to come out and do one with you!

  2. PS-this gave me some great ideas for cleaning. However, I'm the kind of person that needs to do cleaning in bigger chunks - once I start, it gets difficult for me to stop! I usually take a whole day or even weekend to thoroughly clean/scrub/organize several rooms.

  3. you vaccum the mattresses? i've never heard of doing that. does it freshen them up or something?..i think i want to try it!

  4. YES Vacuum them every 6 months to a year, at least! Just set your vacuum up on the matress and go back and forth really slow like you are mowing a lawn:)
    Here is why, Even if you wash your sheets every seven days, (which they reccomend) your matress still get full of dust, and left un attended will attract dust mites, and then you will be in for a world of fun with allergies and such. Not good at all...