Monday, February 14, 2011

**Last minute Valentines Ideas for the Hubby!!**

OK, Husbands. Valentines Day is not over yet!
You still have time to make this right!
Have you told your wife Happy Valentines Day? Give her a Kiss? Told her how much you lover her, or how beautiful she is today?
If the answer is no, you are in the dog house weather you know it or not...its OK , I can help you. Even if you think V Day is a dumb lame waste of time, it is a HUGE deal to the ladies, and your wife is no exception!
OK here are some ideas that will not cost you little to no money, don't take much time, and your Lady will love it!!

~Sing to her, any song will do, try to stay on key
~Cut out a heart shape and jot down a few things that you love about her, try to be neat.
~Give her flowers...its sad I have to mention this...
~Make her dinner, and clean up the mess..
~Find a sitter and get out of that house, esp, if she is a stay at home mom!
~Write her a poem and read it out load to her, doesn't have to be perfect, she just wants to see the effort
~Get her cute undies
~Tell her "I Love You" and give her a prolonged non sexual hug
~Clean the house, and or do the dishes...this is by far the most sexy....
~Make coupons for massages, date nights, or....other...;)
~have a good positive attitude about the whole day, none of this will work if you are rolling your eyes the whole time...
~Write her a Love Letter.....make sure she feels loved, valued, and beautiful:)

Hope this helps someone out there~ Have a Wonderful Valentines Day~!

You Can Do It!!!!

P.S. Flowers are on Sale at Walmart~!


  1. we need all the help we can get...thx, hun. Ladies might be smart to copy the link & forward 2 husbands...

  2. yep , passing this info along to "someone" haha