Saturday, February 19, 2011

*~Going to the Ball~*With Daddy~!*

~February 18, 2011
Getting ready For this Evenings Dance~

Item #1. Manicure....Be sure to Choose a color that compliments your Gown~*
The Girls both chose different shades of red, Gwennie went
with Magenta Burst, and Sophia with Ruby Pumps!
Item #2~Pin Up your Hair~Be Sure to add some finishing Sparkle~!
 Gweneth is Modeling a Classic "Snookie Poof" and Bubble Flip

Sophia went with the classic Up do...and here is a Short how to:
#1 Part the hair in four sections.
hair tie the bottom 2, clip the front.

#3 Smooth back the small front section
and attach it to the bottom pony tail.

#2 twist and "poof" the second section.
Secure with bobby pins, in
an X

#4 Twist, Curl, and pin down the rest of that hair
Be sure to frequently look at the front view
so that all curls are even on the top. Also make sure
all ends are tucked in and most pins are hidden~

Wha~laa!! A Professional Up~do!

Item #3~Make up  Go Subtle and Classy~!
These Mary Kay Beauty looks include~Lavender fog Shadow, Desert Bloom Bronzing Powder, and Pink Diamonds lip Gloss and Bella Belara Perfume~!

Item #3 The Gowns Make the Girl~!
Sophia chose a Red sequined
Gown with black high heal boots

Gweneth Chose a classic white
gown with detailed beading.

Item #4~Time to meet the Prince~! ....and Dance the night away~!

Daughters are like flowers, they fill the world with beauty, and sometimes attract pests. ~Author Unknown

~*Go Love on your Daughters!!! They will learn to love the way you do~!*


  1. SO cute! i am excited for Emma to go to one someday

  2. I have the best wife & the best daughters!!!

  3. Very cute! I'm glad to see you got some more use out of that flower girl dress :O)